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A great range of products for all your hair needs
The Eufora experience...Our latest and greatest yet!

Following the release of the MC2 colour into our salon, we have loved the response from our regular and new clients; who much like us, have fallen well and truly in love with the fact that this fantastic creation is made up of 93% natural ingredients. Not only does it keep our hair in amazing condition, but smells of gorgeous cranberries and other fruit. Mmmm... No more ammonia, no strong smell and no PPD! Which is great news for clients who have allergies, however this colour still requires a skin test, just to be safe! So we thought why not add to our all natural, tree hugging theme, because there is so much more demand for it now, and we threw something new onto our shelves. EUFORA!


It was like love at first sight for our stylists, who all had an educational afternoon where we used these products on each other to see the amazing results. Personally, knowing that these products were made up of all natural ingredients and mostly Aloe Vera based, I thought to myself, “yeah, that's great but are they really going to do their job?” I was thrown back! Not only did they do exactly what they were supposed to, but they were even better than any product I've ever tried! They smell GORGEOUS as well, even possibly good enough to eat!


Shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for all hair types; normal, fine, dry, damaged hair is in for a treat.  These have no water in them, making them much more concentrated than any other product around. This means that you can use a lot less and they will last you longer, saving you plenty of dosh in the long run. Also in that range are the styling products. Products to hold, smooth, shine, condition and volumize. Styling products are definitely your must-haves, to create and mould the perfect style. To finish creating your locks, you have the finishing products to keep everything in place. You have the firm holds, flexible holds, defining products, smoothing and volumizing products. These would be your luxuries to give your hair some VA VA VOOM!


But don’t take my word for it, We at El Esha want YOU to come and see and feel for yourself what the Eufora experience is all about. Give us a call NOW to book in for your Eufora experience.

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